Do you ride a twist'n'go scooter or a 'ped?

Chosen for economy and ease of riding scooters and 'peds are increasing in popularity as a transport for all ages on the roads.

Most often the choice of teenagers as their first powered transport, and seen as just the next step up from mountain bike, a scooter or 'ped gives you the power to get around at a fair speed! Just twist'n'go!

They can be vulnerable though, and crash data highlights two main accident types. "Filtering" where the manoeuvrability of the scooter means that riders often ride alongside queuing traffic and "sorry mate I didn't see you (smidsy)" where other drivers fail to see the two-wheeler However, the vast majority of accidents are due to inexperience. The info you need to avoid crashes is here in Know the dangers.

Broken bones are commonplace injuries due to lack of suitable protective clothing and, in some cases, abrasion injuries can be as severe as third degree burns! These injuries are often slow to heal and can have lasting side effects. Wearing The right gear is crucial and worth every penny in the long run!